High-quality custom made leather Lingerie products & intimate apparel

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Only make the best, High-quality personal designs made in the USA. 


Custom leather goods, handmade to suit your desires. 

custom Leather And Lace, intimate apparel, Jackets, Belts, Goods

Making Leather goods is not just something I do, it's my passion! Each custom piece I create produces a change in me and my customers. Imagine the feel, smell, and joy you will get from your own unique design, custom handmade with high-quality leather.  Lucky's Custom Leather now provides a 3D Printing service, printing your custom designs.


For everyone to enjoy the feel of high quality custom leather  and 3D printed goods.


20 years plus of working with leather, ideas inspired by my customers and the world around me.

Skills Include

Leather carving

Leather intimate apparel

​Leather Lingerie

Leather bags and cases

Leather fashion goods

Leather molding & body casting
​Leather Jackets
​3D Printing